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    2NE1 - Hate You

    "I’m fine living without you

    hate you”

    (Source: Spotify)

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    Dal★Shabet - B.B.B (Big Baby Baby)

    10/10 Exellent pop song that deserves U.S radio airplay

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    2NE1 - Can’t Nobody (English Version)

    "Can’t Nobody hold us down

    Nothings gonna take us down” 

    (Source: Spotify)

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  4. Photo Originally by coldwall Those pelvic thrusts >

    Those pelvic thrusts >

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    2NE1 - CL’s DJ Solo (Live in New Jersey, Prudential Center 2012)

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  7. Originally by classifiedgzb

    CL Performing ”The Baddest Female”

    G-I-Z to the I-B-E

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    Review of “Let’s Start Tonight” - Al-x


    I wanted to do this special review for my friend Al-x so here it is! =)

    1. Let’s Start Tonight - Al-x introduces you to her album and to the dance floor with this incredible dance track. Lyrically Al-x sings about achieving to higher places and doing it TONIGHT. Musically this track gives me 90’s dance music vibes which I LOVE.

    2. We Belong Together - While keeping the club going Al-x leans in closer for a dance with a lover. This track demonstrates two hearts having an intimate connection on the dance floor

    3. On the Dark Side - With “On the Dark Side" Al-x demonstrates her artistic and creative skills like she’s never done before. This is song that will sure capture your attention, with a mystical sound and soft yet effective vocals.

    4. Supernatural - The ability to create a dance track that is also has an intimist feel to it is one that I always admire because it shows a different side of dance/pop music. That is exactly what Al-x has done with “Supernatural”. 

    5. Dawning of the Day - The disco lights slowly dimmer and a spotlight is left shining on Al-x with her guitar. She demonstrates a different side of herself, one that is sure to please you with her vocals and guitar combining into a smooth sound

    6. Sorry - Al-x covers a track by one of her inspirations in Music: Madonna. The song itself is about self sufficiency. However, this track remains a beautiful mixture of guitar and sweet vocals.

    7. Awoken (Demo) - Al-x genrously ends the album with a demo, which is something not many artists do! Before that spotlight does off Al-x gives you one more wonderful performance of her soft vocals before leaving you in a state of relaxation and ending Let’s Start Tonight with a low-key.


    Official Al-x site: http://t.co/jlNbCHlzvd

    Buy Let’s Start Tonight on iTunes: https://t.co/wEAKaHOt28

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    2NE1 - Can’t Nobody (English Version)

    Absolutely love this song, I have it on repeat on spotify in both languages (Korean & English). This is one a die hard club banger, this can make anyone jump. As 2NE1 says, NOBODY can take them down.

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    Cyndi Lauper - She Bop

    "She bop he bop a-we bop

    I bop you bop ba-le bop

    Be bop be bop ba-lo she bop!”

    (Source: Spotify)

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    My review on BoA’s “Hurricane Venus”

     So yesterday I finally purchased the entire Hurricane Venus album by BoA on itunes and now I’m listening to the entire album without any stops so I thought why not post my thoughts on it 

    #1 Game - Great intro to the album, mid tempo. Very enjoyable.

    #2 Hurricane Venus - I love this, this track speeds up and with a great dance beat. In this track BoA takes you into the eye of her hurricane. Reminding you she’s filled with electronic supersonic bionic energy.

    #3 Dangerous - BoA takes it up another knotch and gives us a KICK ASS beat, with even more electro in it. She set the club floor on FIRE I fucking LOVE it. Dangerous is a FIERCE track.

    #4 Stand By - After giving us an amazing ride with those dance tracks, Stand By is a ballad and slows down the mood. It’s a beautiful one at that. 

    #5 M.E.P. (My Electronic Piano) - It’s about mid tempo but has an amazing groovy beat. BoA’s vocals are beautiful on this track in my opinion

    #6 Let Me - Oh my god, just when I was soothed, BoA comes back with a sick beat. I just love BoA’s electropop tracks she really kicks ass in them. This track sounds very futuristic and sounds like a song that came out this year and not 2010.

    #7 Implode - Another ballad with guitar in the background. Slow tempo. Also has background male vocals. Beautiful. 

    #8 Adrenaline - Club BoA is back, with a sicker beat then before. She’s energetically tells us about the boy who gives her adrenaline. I’m in LOVE with the way she saysla la la la la I love it”. This is one of my top faovite tracks, everything about it is PERFECTION. Love the synthisizers that play during the chorus of this track. This is a song that must be on full blast. 

    #9 Ordinary Day - In this track I like the way BoA mixes electro songs in a ballad/r&b-ish sound that this track offers. 

    #10 Don’t Know What to Say - A beautiful emotional ballad. I usually go for upbeat tracks then ballads but some ballads are just so beautiful and this is one of those ballads. The piano really gives to the mood.

    #11 Romance - BoA ends her 6th Korean album Hurricane Venus with a ballad about romance and love. When you listen to this you can just picture yourself slow dancing to this track in a wonderful ballroom and as the moon shines in the night. Beautiful vocals/piano.

    *******FAVORITE TRACKS*********




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  12. Photo Originally by ashyjayjay BoA 


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    2NE1 - Do You Love Me




    D.O.Y.O.U.L.O.V.E. Do you?”

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  14. Photo "The musicians I prefer are Lauren Hill and Madonna. Although the two have quite contrasting feelings to them. The two, as females, are strong musicians, and they don’t follow the path that guys have gone down before. They’re musicians that will leave behind their colours and remain in history. My own philosophy, as, well, like Madonna, is to be strong, in a single word, icon." - CL from 2NE1

    "The musicians I prefer are Lauren Hill and Madonna. Although the two have quite contrasting feelings to them. The two, as females, are strong musicians, and they don’t follow the path that guys have gone down before. They’re musicians that will leave behind their colours and remain in history. My own philosophy, as, well, like Madonna, is to be strong, in a single word, icon." - CL from 2NE1

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  15. Photo Originally by mattcolvinfilms mattcolvinfilms:

The king has returned.


    The king has returned.

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